Trading Platforms

Trading platforms is a program that can be used to send buy and sell orders for products and financial instruments such as “stocks, currency pairs, commodities, metals” and others, over the Internet through a broker, The MetaTrader platform is one of the most famous trading platforms in the world and is produced Company “Meta Quotes Software” and the trading platform is available in two versions, the first version is the MetaTrader4 platform, symbolized by MT4, and the second version is the MetaTrader5 platform, symbolized by MT5, and both are used as the main standard for trading. 

Trading Platforms
They are two completely free trading platforms that suit the needs of traders because they provide all the tools and charts traders need, order management and deal management, this information can help traders in technical and fundamental analysis and others as well, making decisions, excluding guesses, and applying various trading strategies in addition to technical indicators.
Where Meta Quotes released the MT5 platform in 2010, five years after the release of the MT4 platform, and there are some differences between the two platforms, for example in terms of time frames or pending orders, etc, It connects the trader to the financial market in which he wants to invest, whether he is interested in the stock markets, forex, commodities or even digital currencies, which gives him an easy-to-use interface to place trading orders, and our company provides the ability to open a demo account with virtual money and choose the right account type for you, training and education in the markets before going into the markets Opening the real account, depositing and starting the trading process, where we advise the importance of opening a demo account.
The two platforms can be downloaded to computers and phones of all kinds. In addition, we provide the “Web Terminal” platform, which is an online trading platform, a replica of the MT4 & MT5 trading platforms, but without the need to download any software! It can also be accessed through a computer or phone, where transactions can be opened and closed via a web browser only!

Our platforms of all types and versions MT4 & MT5 & Web Terminal support all types of devices and websites including:

IOS, Android, Windows, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera.

You can log in to the MT4 trading platform by:

🔸 MT4 login via “Android
🔸 MT4 login via “iPhone” 
🔸 MT4 Login via “computers
🔸 MT4 Login via “web

You can log in to the MT5 trading platform by:

🔸 MT5 login via “Android
🔸 MT5 login via “iPhone” 
🔸 MT5 Login via “computers
🔸 MT5 Login via “web

For downloading trading platforms:

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social trading

What is social trading?

What is social trading?
Social trading first emerged in 2010. It allows investors to access a social trading platform and automatically replicate the trades executed by available professionals on the platform

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