Nuclear Risk and Market Movements

After the calming of market movements in the face of the Russian-Ukrainian war, it returned as a result of Russia’s bombing of the “Zaporija” nuclear plant in Ukraine, especially after heavy smoke was seen, after which gold prices returned to move above 1940 levels, after being closed at the price of 1933. 

Because of that, the oil price went up; as a result of the agreement between Iran and America, The nuclear attack brought “Brent oil” back to $112 and “West Texas” crude to $107.


European shares fell while he sought traders to safe haven in bond trading on Friday amid rising tensions in Ukraine. European markets fell for the third consecutive week, the lowest since October 2020. 

U.S. stock futures fell more than 0.5% in early trading in Europe, as fighting raged in Ukraine and investors waited for the U.S. jobs report.

Meanwhile, the February jobs report is expected to appear. The U.S. economy has added 400,000 jobs, bringing back a situation of higher interest rates Thursday.

In addition, the “Dow” fell 0.29%, “S&P” lost 0.53% and the “Nasdaq” Composite fell 1.56%.

As for natural gas in Europe, EU natural gas prices fell from their earlier slight losses and rose to €167 per megawatt hour on Friday, after rising to an all-time high of €199.99 in a highly volatile trading session on Thursday.

Traders have monitored the quantities of natural gas flowing into Europe through major pipelines against the backdrop of fears of sanctions and disruptions to supplies so far; quantities passing through Ukraine remained high, while the “Yamal-Europe” pipeline was intermittently sending natural gas to Germany this week.

Also, the current sanctions do not explicitly target the Russian energy sector but make it difficult for Russian ships to provide energy products, as access to ports in Europe is restricted.

Belarus threatened to halt flows in the “Yamal-Europe” pipeline. At the same time, Russia said it would continue to export natural gas on a weekly basis, and the contract was on track for a 66% increase.

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