Withdrawal and deposit methods

Have you ever thought of going faster than the speed of light? TNFX offers a superior service that surpasses all speed standards in the world! You can now make safe, easy and fast withdrawals and deposits with the fastest broker ever, and TNFX does not charge any fees for depositing or withdrawing funds in order to achieve them accurately while ensuring the satisfaction of all customers, as one of the most important services at TNFX is a 0% commission for all the various deposit and withdrawal methods. The main goal of the company is to implement the process of withdrawing profits and depositing easily and very quickly, as all operations are executed within 24 working hours and without adding any commissions to them, and TNFX provides its clients with an internal transfer service between client accounts with ease and in less than one minute!


Choose the method that is best for you, the deposit and withdrawal methods available at TNFX are:

🔸 Zain Cash, within 1 working hour.
🔸 Asia Hawala – Asia Hawala, within 1 minute.
🔸 Perfect Money, within 1 minute.
🔸 Credit Cards – Credit Cards, within 1 minute.
🔸 Local depositor – LD, within 1 working hour.
🔸 Office transfers, within 24 working hours.

The times above are for the deposit process, and the time taken for withdrawals for all methods is within 24 working hours.
🔸 We would like to note that all withdrawals and deposits are made in US dollars.

Withdrawal Methods

Deposit Methods

Internal Transfer

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