Get the opportunity to partner with TNFX, the leading and award-winning forex company that you and your clients can trust. Get commissions by referring clients of up to $10 for each standard contract traded by the client. TNFX offers a number of partnership opportunities for qualified individuals and companies, where We provide support to all the companies and offices of our agents by qualified specialists.

With us, you can invite people to open an account, trade and make a profit from their trades, and at the same time your customers benefit from the company’s services and offers with the ability to trade on more than 285 trading instruments!

Where you can follow the growth of your own profits through our tools that allow the preparation of comprehensive reports to track customer activities, this means that you will have an overall view of the performance of your customers 24/7! Our partners will be provided directly after registration with links that enhance their performance through the use of these links on their websites for advertisements and facilitate them to promote in addition to providing agents with tools that enable them to track the number of clients affiliated with them and the commission earned from their trades, that is, to be a partner of TNFX is simply sharing the link or add an advertisement on your website! We would like to note that the initial commission for the IB account is $5 per 1.00 lot, and this percentage is subject to increase if the goals attached in the table below are achieved, as the commission will be gradually increased up to $10 per 1.00 lot:
 IB Program Commission
 No.  Grades Commission for (Per_Lot)  Minimum range of deposit  Lots (Monthly Average)  Minimum range of numbers of accounts
55% 30% 15%
1  Bronze  5$  No Condition No Condition No Condition
2  Silver  6$  1,500$ 20 5
3  Golden  7$   10,000$ 50 15
4 Diamond  8$  100,000$ 200 40
5  Legendary  9$  300,000$ 1000 100
6  Prime IB  10$  500,000$ 2500 200
Notice, commissions cannot be withdrawn if the IB is at the first level, For more information about partnering with us, feel free to contact us at any time.
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