The difference between IB and Account Manager

Many wonder what is the difference between an IB and Account Manager in forex companies? What do they both offer? And what is their purpose?  
IB in forex company or what is known as the “introducing broker”, he is considered a partner of the broker and gets a sum of money by referring people to register with the company, and he advertises the services and features of the brokerage company, and in TNFX there is a set of commissions that are granted For each transaction made by the client that was registered under the agency, and it is important to know that the commissions granted by the TNFX company do not harm the client in anything and do not decrease his money.

The difference between IB and Account Manager

Thus, the agent is the beneficiary of the client’s many transactions and profit, in addition to the fact that the company provides special services and various offers to the company’s agents.
It is well known that novice and new traders in the early stages of their trading definitely want to be extended a helping hand and provide advice and guidance to them from an expert in the field of trading. Those who register through an agency link that the company grants to him while opening an IB account .
One of the most important information that customers should know is that the agent cannot control the customers’ accounts, as he cannot open or close deals or modify them, but he can only know the open deals. As for the account manager, he is a person who manages the client’s trading account by making a profit in exchange for an amount or a financial ratio agreed upon between the manager and the client, and unlike the agent, the account manager has almost complete control over the client’s account, so the manager can open and close deals in addition to the possibility of modification, This is the goal of account management by account managers or portfolio managers. If the client is not qualified to trade or does not have enough time to trade, he will use an expert to trade on his behalf.

What is the difference between an Account Manager and a Portfolio Manager?

The account manager manages the trading accounts separately, that is, he opens deals for each account separately. As for the portfolio manager, he owns an aggregate account or the so-called “accumulation portfolioPAMM ” where more than one client deposits the amounts to become one trading account.
An account manager or portfolio manager is an important feature of letting someone else manage your money, especially for people who are novice in the field of trading. Full trading account! In addition to the emergence of a sudden news event or the release of economic data that greatly affects the movements of the markets.
And investing with a manager allows the client the freedom to use his time completely for other business without worrying about dealing with daily analyzes and executing deals for trading in the forex market.

How do you choose your preferred account manager?

The manager you want to invest with must be determined according to the trading success date and the amount you want to invest in. At TNFX we offer a group of professional portfolio managers in the PAMM system, whose trading success rate can be monitored through advanced analytical tools and statistics that make it easier for the trader to choose the right manager.

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