The PAMM system is one of the professional account management systems in the financial industry in the world, as the PAMM system represents a super platform in collecting a huge number of professional financial managers who can be followed in an interactive way by investors who want to invest their money by professional managers, using advanced analytical tools and statistics. Through the aggregate portfolio, investors can follow up the performance, trading results and investment request directly with the appropriate manager. Subscription and unsubscribe will be automatically via the control panel after logging in to your account on the company’s website.  


When the investor deposits or withdraws through the PAMM system, it is executed manually by the account manager or automatically scheduled. Accordingly, the account manager always has full control over the time of executing deposit or withdrawal requests and can set up his account for this event while adjusting the trade volumes without any risk from an unintended stop.
The PAMM Portfolio is an aggregate portfolio in which investors’ funds are collected and only the portfolio manager has the right to open and close deals, and the losses and profits are divided, minus the portfolio manager’s percentage, depending on the ratio and proportion.
After subscribing with one of the portfolio managers, you can follow the performance and results through the website dedicated to investors in the PAMM system, where you can deposit, withdraw and cancel the subscription without restrictions and conditions.

The PAMM account merges the balances of all investors’ accounts into the main PAMM account “Portfolio Manager Account” and all people can become investors in the PAMM system regardless of the amount of money they have, as the system automatically divides and distributes profits according to the investor’s deposit in the aggregate portfolio.

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