Huge losses in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

A crisis that has stirred up the whole world. Yes, it is the social media, the cancer of the era that penetrates every home, office, and company. Endowment of the World is paralyzed in front of the largest marketing engine if we no longer consider it an application for entertainment only, as “Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp” constitute the nerve of electronic marketing, which has become the main destination for work during a crisis. “Covid-19” and its aftermath, what happened yesterday, Monday, confirmed that we must find an alternative, but who, when and where!! We will remain hostage to Mark Zuckerberg, who lost nearly $7 billion in 6 hours during which Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down.
Huge losses in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

Facebook’s stock lost about 5% of its market value and settled at a price of 326, and the “Nasdaq” index fell by nearly 2%, and so far, no statement has been issued explaining the reason for this sudden malfunction, and the company had sent a team to its server centers in California to reboot the servers manually. This eventually seemed to work, and the company said it did not believe this was an attack of any kind on it and it might take some time for the services to fully recover.

The communication programs Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp stopped working for 6 hours on the evening of Monday 04/10/2021, which led the world to resort to other programs, and this caused a significant decline in the shares of Facebook, where it was at the level of 334 dollars and became at a price of 326 dollars, Facebook is the most famous social media and can be defined as a large social network that includes a number of different programs, the most important of which is WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for an amount of 16 billion dollars Facebook also stopped.

Facebook, the world’s second largest digital advertising platform, lost about $545,000 in ad revenue in the United States every hour of outage, according to estimates by ad measurement firm Standard Media Index.
Facebook apologized, but did not immediately explain the cause of the malfunction, which Down detector, which tracks internet outages, described as the biggest flaw ever faced by Facebook, as “Andy Stone” Facebook spokesman posted on Twitter a letter of apology in which he said: “We realize While some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products, we are working to get things back to normal ASAP, and apologize for any inconvenience.”

“To every company small and large, to every family and everyone who counts on us, I’m sorry,” said “Mike Schroepfer ”, Facebook’s chief technology officer. “It may take some time for services to return to 100 percent,” he added.

A number of Facebook employees, who asked not to be identified, also said they believed the malfunction was the result of an internal error.
Security experts said it was possible that the malfunction was the result of an unintended mistake or an act of sabotage by an insider.
Also, the impact of this sudden stop on the decline in the market values of major technology companies by 230 billion dollars! During today’s trading, Facebook – Apple – Google – Amazon – Microsoft.

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