Gann Fan

Have you ever heard of the fan strategy?
The “Gann Fan” is one of the basic drawing tools in the MetaTrader platform for technical analysis, and “William Delbert Gann” was very famous because he was the only one who knew how to link price with time in trading and recorded this in his famous saying

 “Whenever you know how to use time with price, you are now know how to trade”

He made a fortune estimated at 50 million dollars through his dealings in the forex, stock market and commodities, and his profitable operations exceeded 85% of the total investment operations he concluded in different markets over many years. He also predicted the collapse of prices and the occurrence of the economic disaster in 1929 AD.


He did not focus all the attention on the price targets as much as he focused on the areas of trend change regardless of the price, and then began looking to reach the price as his studies and analyzes depended on the time factor and not the price, and he always said “when the time comes, the price will change” and “time More important than the price“.  

“William Gann” relied on engineering methods to track price movements in the financial markets and on geometric angles and ancient mathematics to predict price movements, and he was very famous because he was the only one who knew how to link price with time in trading.

Where the “fan” consists of 9 diagonal lines on the chart, indicating potential support and resistance levels, and these lines are drawn at an angle from the tops and bottoms, and the time and price units are divided into proportional sections. next corner.

Gann considers the 45th angle to be the main angle of the fan, and the lines are drawn at 82.5, 75, 71.25, 63.75, 26.25, 18.75, 15, and 7.5 degrees.
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