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Technical And Fundamental Analysis



What Is Technical Analysis? Technical Analysis Is a Method Used to Predict the Future Direction of The Market Through Their Study of Historical Market Data, The Most Important of Which Is Price and Trading Volume.


Traders Use This Trading Information Such as Historical Prices and Trading Volume Along with Mathematical Indicators to Make Their Trading Decisions and This Information Is Usually Displayed on A Chart Directly from The Market Itself to Know and Decide When to Buy and When to Sell a Particular Instrument.


Technical Analysis Requires Much Less Information Than Fundamental Analysis, Where the Trader Can Get All the Information He Needs From Prices and Trading Volume and Since the Focus Is on Identifying A Market Reversal, The Question Of When To Enter A New Trade Is Much Easier When Using Technical Analysis.


One Of the Disadvantages of Technical Analysis Is That Technical Analysis Can Turn into Guesswork When Many Investors Use Similar Tools and The Same Concepts, And They Move Together Between BID And ASK, This Can Lead to Prices Moving in The Same Direction. What Is Fundamental Analysis?

Fundamental Analysis of The Intrinsic Value of An Investment, This Is Typical of An Affinity Towards Its “True Value” Or “Intrinsic Value”.
Fundamental Analysis in CFD Trading, is a Price-To-Value of A Currency, Considering Current Economic Conditions, Country and Social Factors Within a Business Cycle Framework.
Fundamental Analysis in CFDs Trading Requires Forecasting the Price Valuation of a Currency and Its Market Sentiment by Analyzing Current Economic Conditions, Government Policy and Social Factors Within a Business Cycle Framework.
Macroeconomic Indicators Are Statistics That Indicate the Current State of a Country’s Economy According to A Specific Area of The Economy (Industry, Labor Market, Trade, Etc.) And Are Published Periodically by Government and Private Agencies After Publishing These Indicators, You Will Notice Fluctuations in The Market (The Degree of Fluctuation Is Determined by The Degree of Fluctuations and According to The Importance of The Indicator)
Technical Analysis May Be Considered One of The Most Important Tools Available to Predict the Behavior of The Financial Market It Has Been Proven That This Type of Analysis Is Successful and Effective and Has Become Gradually and Continuously Used by Investors in The Financial Markets.
When Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis Are Used Together, It Has a Positive Impact on Technical Analysis to Become More Effective and Credible.