Fix Account

In order for our traders to operate in a wider and more comprehensive trading environment, TNFX offers a variety of account types, each serving as a global trading tool for working in the financial markets and each account we offer gives you access to every Trading Symbol available Whatever your level of experience and the size of your trading, we offer you what suits you.
The second Account is Fix Account. The Fix Account is considered a safe trading account for traders and is important for people who adopt the hedging or scalping strategy. The FIX Account is characterized by fixed spreads for pairs and metals.   

🔸Direct market execution 
🔸FIX Spread for FX and Metal
🔸Zero Commission
🔸Minimum lot size 0.01
🔸Leverage Up to 1:500
🔸Minimum Deposit $1000
🔸Access to automated trading

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