What is the Web Terminal?

It is a web-based trading platform that is an exact copy of the MT4 & MT5 trading platforms, but without the need to download any software! 

It can be accessed through a computer or phone, where transactions can be opened and closed via a web browser only!

In addition to placing pending orders, it contains all the trading tools and basic trading features.          


Our web platform supports:
🔸Google Chrome
🔸Mozilla Firefox
🔸Microsoft Edge
🔸Internet Explorer

Trading has never been so simple Test the speed now with Web Terminal

Web Terminal is easy to use and suitable for both beginners and advanced traders, no need to download or install anything! The trader can use the web platform in his trading operations simply by opening an account in the company and any type of available account, logging in to the web platform and starting trading.

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social trading

What is social trading?

What is social trading?
Social trading first emerged in 2010. It allows investors to access a social trading platform and automatically replicate the trades executed by available professionals on the platform

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