The benefit of Market Analysis

Market analysis is the first step for every trader, and it is an action plan that traders follow to learn information related to the trading market. The analysis deals with several factors, so the appropriate strategy must be formulated by understanding, studying and analyzing these factors, as they may greatly affect the movement of currency pairs, stocks, metals. And other trading tools that you want to invest in, so market analysis is one of the most important things that traders should take into consideration to understand the way the trading candles move and what are the factors affecting them and how they can be addressed.

the benefit of market analysis

There are two main types of market analysis, namely technical analysis and fundamental analysis, one of which depends on the study of candles and the other depends on economic news and important events, so the trader takes one of the analyzes to follow and choose to build his appropriate strategy, and among the advantages of TNFX is the provision of technical analysis service “TC” to its clients.

Market analysis is able to detect appropriate opportunities and knowledge of risks. The most important factors and tools for market analysis are:
Economic calendar to follow market news – trading candles and charts – currency rates to predict the direction of movement – trading hours at the time of opening and closing global markets – training courses.

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