What is a server?

The server is a computer device that has the ability to withstand operating conditions continuously and for very long periods, and this device is allocated to carry out specific tasks to serve the rest of the devices connected to the same network, where the trading platform server differs from regular servers in that it is specially configured and designed to meet the requirements of the specific platform To execute trading deals.    

New Servers

How many servers does the TNFX platform have?

In pursuit of our company to provide all the requirements of modern technology that serve the purposes of our traders and investors and to ensure high-quality trading and execution of orders in a safe, fast and highly efficient manner in executing deals, we have achieved an increase in the number of data servers available in the company and were distributed to cover all places in 4 continents and 10 different countries around the world, which are “Cairo, Turkey, France, Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, North Africa, India, Brazil” to ensure the highest level of performance with maximum protection, that is, if one of the servers is exposed to excessive pressure, the client’s deals will be automatically transferred without stopping to another data center.    

What is the benefit of Multiple servers?

Multiple servers allow our platforms to distribute the workload on several servers instead of a single server, with the aim of improving the performance of the platforms and providing better service to our customers. The load is distributed among the different servers in a balanced manner using specific algorithms.
The multiplicity of servers allows to bear a greater load of trading users and helps to improve responsiveness and performance when opening deals and reduces breakdowns and stops, and also helps to provide stable and reliable service to traders in the event of any problems with one of the servers.     

Multiple servers provide our traders with many benefits, including:

🔸 Safe trading.
🔸 High quality trading.
🔸 Non-stop growth and performance issues.
🔸 Distribute transactions to avoid excessive pressure.
🔸 Executing orders in a short time not exceeding 0.05 seconds.    

No matter where the TNFX client will be in any country or continent, he will be able to choose one of the ten servers available in different continents to manage his investments online safely and at high speed, as the client can open more than one trading account from among the company’s 5 diverse accounts on more than one server and He will get a chance to estimate the quality of server performance during the trading process.

At TNFX, we have diversified the servers in our trading platforms for the purpose of distributing the workload among a group of servers, improving the system’s ability to withstand extreme stress, providing the best trading performance, providing stability and balance, in addition to improving the speed of performance and response when executing deals.     

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