Importance of Demo Account

When starting to think about entering forex  trading,  everyone should open a demo account and trade with virtual money before starting to trade with their real money, and there is no disagreement on this point whether you want to adopt fundamental analysis and technical analysis, or other diverse trading strategies.

As a beginner trader, you must understand the movement of the markets well and go through the experience of trading with virtual money that the company provides you with free of charge in the various types of accounts available, and here most traders wonder how long the training will take in the demo account and when can I move to the real account?




The answer to this question is “more period than you think.” The education period does not have a specific time, it varies from person to person, as the length of the trial period depends in part on the time frame you are trading on, long-term traders whose trades take several weeks or months need to Spend more time in demo trading than a day trader who only holds trades for a few hours or days, but even if you are a day trader or use very short time periods including “scalping” you will still need to spend time trading Demo no less than a few months before moving on to real trading.

The goal of demo trading is not only to prove the success of the trading technique used and its ability to make consistent profits in the real market, it is also about getting to know yourself as a trader better!

During demo trading, you will encounter many unexpected situations which in turn will help you to better understand the general framework of the trading process, for example you may discover that you will only be able to trade during certain days or hours and you may also discover that you come home late and you are very tired and therefore You will not be able to trade in the night hours, as trading with the demo account is a better opportunity to learn about the difficulties of real trading, through which you will be exposed to a greater degree of stress and emotional pressure.

Do not rush and fall into the trap of rushing and jumping into the real world of trading. The average time for the demo trading period ranges from four to six months, provided that “continuous profits are achieved during this period.”

Demo accounts are not limited to novice traders only. As a professional or intermediate trader, you have an idea about the forex market and trading. Demo accounts are also useful for you, as you can try various strategies for free without worrying about their failure and losing your money. It is the perfect and safe training account. Be ready for new trading strategies!

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