For Beginners

In order to become a competent participant on the forex market, or a professional trader, it is necessary to become familiar with trading basics. The best way to acquire the necessary knowledge is to begin with demo trading, which “TNFX” makes easy. 

Being a novice trader does not mean you have to incur losses. When you move on from your demo account to a live platform, you can start trading with any amount at low risk. “TNFX” does not limit trade volume. As you gain experience, you can increase the volume of your trading operations, taking more risk but making higher profits.


3 Easy steps to Forex trading:

Step 1. Training on A Demo Account

The first step of the training process is opening a demo account. With a demo account, you can learn how to operate the trading platform and develop trading strategies for an unlimited period of time, absolutely free. Even if you have no forex market knowledge you can test your skills as a trader on a demo account. All trades on demo accounts are virtual, but they provide the same conditions as those on live accounts. On a demo account you can open and close positions as if you are trading on the real forex market.

You can answer many of your questions about forex yourself, without risk, by trading on the demo account. For other questions or problems, 24/5 Support Service is available by ICQ, chat, telephone or email.

You can open as many demo accounts as you would like, totally free.

Step 2. Live Account Trading

Once you have some experience trading on the demo platform, you can try trading on a live account. As minimum trade volume is not limited, you can limit your risk: only you determine the volume of your investments.

You will find that live trading allows you to hone your new skills even more than trading on the demo account. Trading with real currency, however minimal the amount, gives you an even better understanding of forex market activity, and allows you to prepare for professional-level trading.

Step 3. Professional Work

Once a trader has developed the ability to understand and discern trends in the forex market, he or she can work independently, using trading strategies to profit from currency movements. A professional trader develops his trading style and chooses instruments that suit his strategy.

Not every trader will reach this level, but “TNFX” guarantees that our team will make every effort to help each client go forward and get professional support if any problems arise.

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