Employment Opportunities at TNFX - Basra

Sales Officer (Administrative) (Not Available)

He is the employee responsible for dealing with all customer requests via phone or e-mail, verifying the accuracy of the data in the requests, communicating with customers to obtain the necessary data and information, as well as answering various inquiries.

• Possesses good communication skills
• Good understanding of sales performance metrics
• Presenting the company’s services and features to clients
• Good focus on customer service and solving their problems
• Has the ability to listen and convince customers and deal with them
• Possesses public relations and is good at managing social media sites.

Functional tasks :
• Dealing with incoming requests by phone and e-mail
• Communicate with customers to obtain the required data, complete details, and answer inquiries
• Coordination with other departments regarding customer problems
• Submitting monthly and weekly sales reports
• Reporting important notes received by customers

• Holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent.
• Proficiency in the use of CRM software.
• Ability to use MS Office programs.
• Good understanding of sales performance metrics.
• Possess organizational skills and arrange tasks.
• Possesses team spirit.

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