Employment Opportunities at TNFX - Baghdad

Sales Assistant ( Not Available )

The sales department consists of a set of business activities and processes that help a sales organization run effectively, efficiently, and in support of business strategies and objectives. The sales department generally includes sales, sales support, or business operations, If you are a social person, have conversational skills and are highly qualified, give us a chance to meet you!

Behavioral skills:
🔸 Active Listener
🔸 Good communication skills
🔸Negotiation skills
🔸Business intelligence
🔸Communication with clients
🔸Client Engagement
🔸Customer service focus.
🔸Friendly, helpful, confident, and engaging personality.

🔸Bachelor’s degree in business management or equivalent studies.
🔸Proven working experience in retail sales.
🔸Basic understanding of sales principles and customer service practices.
🔸 Required languages “English – Arabic” Feature “Kurdish”.
🔸Solid communication and interpersonal skills.
🔸Basic administration skills.

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