What is not recommended while trading for beginners

beginners traders want to enter the world of investment and know all its details in a short time and reach the highest level like professional traders and here traders start to wonder what professional traders have and I don’t? Or what do they know that I do not know? 

Beginners often choose methods whose priorities are based on wrong emotional criteria, you should always discover how you can improve your trading skills and make orderly and profitable deals, you cannot be 100% sure of what will happen in the markets and that is why it is important to be in tune with the market Accept that it is random sometimes, and understand that the less you feel that you should trade the easier it is to make money, you must be discipline and logic in your actions and avoid mistakes.


Understanding the market and its fluctuations will take time and effort to acquire the required trading skill and discipline in controlling your emotions in entering trades, but if you want to make profit you should avoid the trading mistakes that most novice traders suffer from: 

🔸 You should not close deals manually unless there is a reason.
🔸 You shouldn’t close good trades right after the market moves against you a bit, be patient.
🔸 Don’t follow a strategy just because someone is following it, you should study it first.
🔸 Don’t focus on profits only, learn to trade properly with risk management in mind.
🔸 Not paying attention to your own trading, following your deals and learning from them.

And many other things that must be taken into account or avoided, all of these things go hand in hand when entering a deal, so the trading method should not be neglected and there are many ways to trade that must be learned and understood before starting this experience.

Always keep up with what’s new in the market, as every element of your expertise must be constantly updated and in good shape so that you can be as successful as possible.

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