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Backoffice-career (not available)

Workflow supervision and employee evaluation in departments, rewards and warnings issued according to each employee’s performance, people in BackOffice perform processing and data management tasks on projects handled by the rest of the departments such as keeping accounts, keeping records and checking regulatory compliance, If you are an organized, meticulous and highly qualified person, give us a chance to meet you!

The tasks of the Back-office department include the following:
🔸 Execution of deposits and withdrawals.
🔸 Checking the withdrawals and deposits.
🔸 Follow up the client’s payment orders such as transfers and deposits in the company’s bank accounts.
🔸 Research on complicated problems through multiple databases and collaborate with other departments to resolve escalated issues.
🔸 Handle incoming tickets and emails in a timely manner and adhering to quality standard required and follow up on escalation of issues for the customers with the other departments to ensure highest customer satisfaction.
🔸 Liquidity management of electronic portfolios and banking payment instruments.
🔸 Matching deposits between records and platform reports.
🔸 Report problems that occur in the CRM and follow up with the client until they are solved.

🔸 Preparing weekly statistics on the size of deposits:
1. The total volume of deposits.
2. Deposit growth rate.
3. Distribution of deposits according to the payment methods.
4. The type of deposit if it is a new deposit or a consolidation.
5. The type of deposit if it is for a direct client, through an agent, or through the sales department.

🔸 Preparing monthly statistics on the number of withdrawals, including:

1. The total volume of withdrawals:
2. The growth rate of withdrawals.
3. Distribution of deposits according to the means of payment.
4. The type of withdrawal if it is profit or capital withdrawal.

🔸 Builds a monthly statistic on the size of the bonus granted to clients.
🔸 Summarize the weekly statistics in a monthly report issued at the end of each month on a regular basis.
🔸 Daily removing the negative balance from accounts in the platforms.
🔸 Paying foreign companies that the company deals with and following up their invoices and accounts by communicating with the employees of those companies.
🔸 Recording and maintaining data in databases to ensure timely reference of information.
🔸 Transfer and convert a source of buying and follow up with the concerned department.
🔸 Ensure proper applying the processes without obstacles in order to minimize iterations to reduce operational costs and time
🔸 Escalate client’s violations that run against company policy to the management.
🔸 Make a suitable decision to compensate the client or not
and escalate it to the management if required.
🔸 Preparing a weekly and monthly balance of the company’s profits, imports, and expenses and dividing each of them into multiple paragraphs for the purpose of measuring the company’s performance and the performance of each department separately. the program, set up the printer, format pc, maintenance, etc… .
🔸 Skills in Microsoft services or Google services.
🔸 Skills in A virtual private server “VPS”.
🔸 High skills in Microsoft Office.
🔸 Preferably have experience in security issues and backup data periodically.
🔸 Very good communication skills.

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