Employment Opportunities at TNFX - Baghdad

Accountant and financial auditor

We are looking forward to finding an accountant with good capabilities to prepare financial reports, conduct financial audits, review expenses and salaries, adhere to company policies, and suggest the best ways to develop ways of working methods.


The tasks of the accountant and financial auditor include the following:

🔸 Preparing and preparing the necessary reports, lists, financial tables, and accounting books on a monthly and periodic basis.
🔸 Documenting movements, financial records, and purchases.
🔸 Supervising the financial documents and documents. 
🔸 Organizing, documenting, and entering financial data and information and the movement of purchases and archiving them such as financial documents, invoices, entries, exchange orders, and all the different accounts.
🔸 Monitor and report financial discrepancies.
🔸 Conducting financial audits, such as reviewing expenses and salaries.


🔸 Bachelor’s degree in administration and economics or financial and banking sciences.
🔸 Fluent in working with MS Office and accounting software.
🔸 At least 2 years of experience as a financial accountant, financial analyst, or management accountant.
🔸 Organizational, analytical, and leadership skills.
🔸Proficient in writing and presenting a detailed report.
🔸Excellent problem-solving skills.
🔸 An in-depth understanding of auditing and control practice.

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