(Virtual Private Server) VPS

(Virtual Private Server) VPS

Virtual Private Server is a term used by Internet hosting services to refer to a virtual machine where these virtual servers are dedicated to the needs of individual clients in the field of trading or other

For example, the trading advisor works in the MetaTrader that was previously installed on your computer

what is vps _TNFX

How to subscribe to the VPS service:

Open the Trading Room

Choose a VPS service as shown in the pictures on the page https://my.tnfx.co/client/forex-vps

Choose the account designated for a monthly payment of $23.99 and then agree as shown in the picture

You will receive an email on the completion of the application process and you have to wait (24-48) working hours for it to be processed

Then you will receive a second message on the e-mail after completing the application process, containing the information of the IP host, your username and your password

We can access the private server via the remote desktop on the Windows operating system from the Start menu and then search for it as shown in the picture

Then choose vps-user as shown in the picture and write the password attached to the email

After that, you can use your computer online with the availability of 24 hour internet service to run your expert advisor and receive notifications via your phone from the MetaTrader platform after its installation

Specifications VPS :  

Operation System: Windows Server

2vCPU 2.20GHz


50GB SSD Disk

How to cancel the monthly subscription

After entering the dashboard, turn off “Auto Renewal” button, as shown in the image

Video showing how to subscribe to the VPS service