Leverage is the doubling of the invested amount to be able to make good profits in the Forex market, and it is one of the most important terms traded or used in Forex that you must know well, since it is the most important characteristic of the Forex market, leverage allows you the ability to trade on amounts much larger than your capital The depositor and used in position trading, leveraged trading is also known as margin trading. You can open a small account in cooperation with intermediary companies, and then borrow money from the broker to open large deals.

Using very large leverage in Forex trading can lead to huge profits but also huge losses. The more leverage you use, the higher the risks you may have to take.

There are many advantages of leveraged trading that attract traders:

🔸High Profits: Leverage doubles the amount of money you have which makes your potential earnings much higher.
🔸Access to high value stocks: With leverage you can buy assets that you can’t buy with your own money.
🔸Much larger trades: Leverage allows you to enter into more trades at the same time and buy more assets without using up all your capital.

Some disadvantages that traders should consider before deciding to use leverage:

🔸Loss of ownership of assets: If your trades are losing, the broker can close the trades after entering the margin call and you will leave without the asset and money.
🔸More risks: Leverage increases your gains but also increases the amount of your potential losses if the market is against you.

You can use leverage to trade in different markets, but the amount of leverage you can use varies greatly and depends on the type of asset you plan to trade.

For example: If the amount of your investment is $ 1,000 and the leverage is 1: 400, then this means that you can trade at ($ 1,000 investment amount * 400 leverage) = $ 400,000 that you can trade with, but this is only purchasing power, meaning that you cannot withdraw this amount, but You may only withdraw profits.
We would like to announce the leverage for the trading instruments :
FX 1:500
METAL 1:100 \ except XAU 1:500


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