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Trade rationally without risk
The psychological state of the trader in the forex market is one of the basic ingredients for the success of the trading process, and the love of risk-taking in trading often leads to miscalculation and loss, so the psychological state of traders must be stable, and since trading is a business that contains risks, the psychology of traders must be disturbed because of this
What traders need to understand and understand is that loss is part of the forex world and cannot be completely avoided

Trade without risk en

of trading and understanding candlestick trading and losing money in trades, but traders must understand that loss is part of the forex world and cannot be completely avoided.

Greed to increase profits in an exaggerated way is very wrong and leads you to act in an irrational way, such as staying in winning trades for too long and reaching new highs, which leads him to monitor the markets all the time!

about making the right decision to enter and exit the deal makes the trader confused and loses the appropriate opportunities for investment, and in this case the exit and entry into the deals will be done in an unthought manner.

for big profits and that all trading strategies will be 100% profitable. This is wrong. Certainly no strategies are completely successful.

from entering the deal late or withdrawing from the deal soon and did not achieve the desired goal, in this case it is better to use the pending orders than to take profits and stop losses or identify areas of support and resistance.

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