Scalping is one of the most popular strategies that traders use to quickly open and close “buy or sell” deals. It is the shortest form of daily trading. Scalping aims to exploit the rapid market movement. The scalping strategy is followed on a few time frames

The main goal of scalping trading is to make a profit in the least amount of time, and to earn a few pips at a time in peak trading times, scalping traders rely on monitoring economic news that can affect price movements and also follow technical analysis before entering deals.

The scalping strategy requires the effort and time of many traders, as the trader spends most of the time in front of the trading platforms and trying to take advantage of opportunities and knowing the best time to enter and exit the deal.

It is clear that most of the scalping strategy traders aspire to quick profit, but on the other hand, they are liable to lose their money faster than others in the event that deals are entered incorrectly and not calculated, the scalping strategy is not without risks due to market fluctuations.