Invite a friend



TNFX’s referral program to introduce potential clients to the company’s services and products
1- The trader will get a point for every $ 1 a new client deposits.
2- After logging in to your account in the control panel, click on invite a friend, and to send the invitation link, click on INVITE or SHARE and choose the way to share the link with your friends.
3- The points earned from referrals can be converted into a “credit” trading bonus.
4- Every 20 points collected can be converted into a $ 1 trading bonus. Now invite your friends via email or text message and earn points, and convert them into a trading amount with the increase in referrals.


To find out how to refer, please follow the steps below:

1- Log in to your account with the company through the Traders’ Room.

2- After entering your account on the control panel, press the INVITE or SHARE button to send the referral link via social media or by e-mail.

3- To convert the collected points into a bonus, click on cash out