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Money Laundering



Money laundering is an economic crime that aims to give legal legitimacy to forbidden money for the purpose of possessing, disposing of, managing, preserving, exchanging, depositing, investing, transferring, transferring or manipulating its value, if it is the result of crimes such as the cultivation and manufacture of narcotic plants their export and trafficking in them, crimes of terrorism and their financing, fraud and breach of trust, fraud, prostitution, trafficking and smuggling of antiquities, felonies and misdemeanors harmful to the security of the state from the in outside and inside, bribery, embezzlement of public money and aggression against it, treachery, and forgery crimes.

The money laundering process goes through three basic steps to conceal the source of illegally acquired funds and make them usable:

1.The filing stage
It is the recruitment or replacement stage, in which the laundered funds are entered in the areas of investment, projects, real estate, and multiple bank accounts that are easy to dispose of later.

2.Camouflage stage
Attention is diverted from the funds deposited in the aforementioned ways by transferring them by bank from one account to another and from one bank to another, or by successive sales to other people to keep suspicions away and stop the supervisory tracing.

3.The integration phase
This stage is considered to be the final stage in money laundering and it entails the legitimization of funds, so it is called the “drying stage” and through this stage the laundered funds are integrated into the economic cycle and the banking system, so that they appear as natural returns or gains for commercial deals, such as fictitious companies. And artificial loans, collusion of foreign banks, as well as bogus bills in the field of import and export.