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Who are we?

TNFX is a leading financial institution in providing brokerage services in the capital markets, where our services include individual and corporate clients, and we provide professional platforms specialized in operations related to the buying or selling of shares of the most famous international companies, in addition to foreign currencies, commodities, energy contracts, etc., and we are committed to continuous growth, our mission It is to provide our clients with ideal conditions for successful trading operations.

With steady steps, TNFX continues its successes at the Arab and international levels, it has won international awards, the most important of which are:

🔸 the best ECN broker in the Middle East for the year 2020 in competition with more than 40 companies during the international forex exhibition held in Dubai – World Trade Center. 
🔸 the title of the best broker in the Middle East and North Africa for the year 2021 at the Forex Expo Dubai 2021, with the participation of more than 50 companies working in the forex field.
🔸 The Most Trusted Broker in the Middle East Award for 2021 during the Forex Traders Summit held in Dubai – with the participation of a large number of companies working in the forex field.
🔸 the best global ECN broker for the year 2021 at the Smart Vision Investment Expo held in Egypt, a new title and another achievement added to the series of successes of TNFX, and this is only the beginning of a greater future.

Why should you choose TNFX?

🔸 We at TNFX believe in the possibility of endless growth for every individual in the company, and enabling this growth is all we seek, as we provide our employees with development and training programs to support each other, and we work for one goal as a team, we help and provide guidance to achieve our goal, which is to maintain Always strive for excellence and strive for the best, in addition to providing all the skills and knowledge during your journey to work with us until you reach an empowered stage of experience that allows you to shine.

🔸 TNFX prides itself on its employees by providing a suitable environment for work, through flexibility in dealing and personal appreciation, and also working on forming a family spirit in the team.