Economic Calendar

TNFX provides the economic calendar, which represents the main tool for any trader or investor in the forex market, as the trader follows through this agenda all economic and political events that affect foreign currencies and currency pairs that create high volatility when the economic data is issued such as the rate Unemployment, interest rate, inflation, economic growth, and other economic data directly contribute to the impact on the foreign exchange market – Forex.
Understanding this data provides a great possibility for every trader, investor or speculator in the Forex markets to make successful trades that enable him to predict fluctuations in the major currency pairs such as EURUSD, Gold, Oil and other financial instruments that can be traded on TNFX platforms.
Through the economic calendar, previous data, current data and expected data of economic variables that exert a direct impact on currency pairs are displayed through the economic calendar. Accurate follow-up and reading of these data contribute to maximizing profits and exploiting important trading opportunities as well as minimizing potential losses

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