January 2022

Trading vs Investing

Investing is a long-term strategy that involves buying assets such as stocks, bonds, or real estate with the goal of generating wealth over time. Investors typically hold onto their investments for years, even decades, and may earn returns through dividends, interest, or capital gains when they eventually sell their assets. Trading, on the other hand, …

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A stock index is an index that measures stock prices in the market in general on a daily basis. It is the sum of the share prices of a specific group of companies multiplied by the size of these companies in the market. So that it is a positive indicator when the number of shares …

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Sovereign Wealth Fund

The history of some sovereign funds dates back to 1953, as the first sovereign fund in the world was established by the State of Kuwait under the name of the Kuwait Investment Authority, but it has begun to be excessively active recently. The sovereign wealth fund is owned by a state and is not affiliated with the Ministry of …

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The spread is one of the most important terms in forex trading, which is the difference between the buying and selling or the Demand and Supply of any Trading Instrument, that is, the number of Pips between the two operations.  The price of spread difference is determined according to the volume of demand and supply, the more it increases on a particular pair or currency, the …

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CeFi and Defi

At the outset, it is worth saying that traditional financial services such as payments, loans and financing were available only through financial institutions and banks, but with the introduction of blockchain technology it has been transformed into a new system, which is centralized finance and decentralized finance. Centralized finance and decentralized finance both have the same goal, which is to allow people to use digital …

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